VenziMedia works with agencies of all sizes. Whether you are a small or a large umbrella agency we’ve got you covered. As an agency we know that you require partners that are able to deliver and provide innovative advertising solutions to reach your clients goal. Whether it is a branding campaign, a performance campaign looking to acquire more clients or an innovative cross device re-targeting solution we have the experience and technology to deliver. We have worked on complex campaigns requiring a hybrid model to simple and straight forward campaigns.

Centralized media buying for online, mobile and social campaigns.

VenziMedia’s platform is versatile as it saves you a lot of time, money and frustration. Imagine not having to log into multiple dashboards, using and managing countless different networks for campaigns, managing media buys, etc. Why not streamline the process and make your work easier with VenziMedia’s platform? Buy media across online, mobile and social channels.

Reach and Scale

Our robust real time cross platform advertising technology provides results that are able to scale. With access to over 95% of the open web, thousands of mobile apps and premium publishers we are able to provide premium quality and quality inventory.

Branding or performance based campaigns

We invest the time and offer in our technology to be able to give you the best campaign results. Whether it’s our cross device re-targeting solution working on a CPC or CPM basis, mobile app installs working on a CPI basis or creating a branding campaign objectives and adhere to their KPI’s. We help manage and optimize your conversion goals and intelligently track and analyze customer retention.

“We help you advertise through online, mobile and social channels so you can focus on your business.”