VenziMedia has built a robust high performance cross device re-targeting and multi platform advertising solution for national brands. Our premise is based on building a brand, creating awareness and curiosity which ultimately helps your bottom line. Whether it is a new product launch, increasing brand equity, sales, signups, etc. We provide you hands on analysis to figure out the best media for you.

National or local reach

If you are a corporate brand, national franchise, multi location company, etc… we provide a dedicated team for large-scale complex campaigns. Whether you are trying to execute a multinational or local campaign we have the right advertising solutions for your brand to give you a competitive edge. Connect your brand to mobile and desktop users and retarget them to increase conversions.

Branding or performance based campaigns

We invest the time and effort in our technology to be able to give you the best campaign results. Whether it’s our cross devices re-targeting solution working on a CPC or CPM basis, mobile app installs working on a CPI basis or creating a branding campaign, we take the time and effort to understand your campaign objectives and adhere to their KPI’s. We help manage and optimize you conversion goals and intelligently track and analyze customer retention.

Reach and scale

Our robust real time cross platform adverting technology provides results that are able to scale. With access to over 95% of the open web and thousands of mobile apps and premium publishers we are able to provide premium and quality inventory.